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It’s here!

Now available from Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc and Amazon.com

Book one of the Happily Ever After series


When a man tells you he loves you, how do you learn to trust him to stay when everyone else in your life has left?


Rain Marcus’s idyllic life growing up in the tiny mountain village of Moonlight Cove didn’t last into adulthood.  She returns from college with dreams of designing and making couture wedding gowns for the rest of her life, but fate has the habit of twisting dreams into thin versions of themselves, and now, fifteen years later, every day is a rerun of the day before.

When MacMillan Sinclair Montrose IV’s parents die, he swears nothing will ever be beyond his control again. He became parent to his baby sister,  graduated from college and took over running his father’s company. There is no way he’ll let his sister’s wedding fall apart. Rain and her friends step in and pull off the perfect day.

Along the way, though, Mac loses control of his heart to Rain, but how can he convince her to trust him to stay when everyone she’s ever loved left her?


Happy New Year…

What a lovely week I’ve had…busy beyond belief, but simply wonderful. The end of November all the way through most of December up to Christmas day, I existed. I breathed, I ate, didn’t sleep much, operated on auto pilot. Then my son announced he’d changed his mind about the ARMY. He’s got other plans and while he may jump off buildings, flip over cars, learn to race cars, I think I’ll survive those. We’ve worked on pre-spring semester cleaning and the house shines. I’ve finished the first draft of my book.

Now it’s New Year’s Eve. I have my husband home. He brought home dinner so I didn’t have to cook. You’ve got to love a man like that. My daughter is home, relaxed and watching her favorite old show. My son and his beautiful girlfriend are here. We’re all well, and actually looking forward to the new year.

2014…So what will be different? We’ll still have bills. We’ll still have work and things we don’t much like doing. Things in this world will continue to get better and worse. But right now, tonight, the coming year looks and feels new. Sparkly. Clean.

We make resolutions we’ll never keep. I resolve to eat less potato chips, and for about a month maybe, I’ll keep the resolution, then I’ll remember I like potato chips and get a little bag… and the resolution dies a fiery death.

It seems, though, that I have task masters. I have Neva and Junie who cheer me on. I have Charly and Pam to make sure I don’t stop writing until I reach the end. And I have Courtney, my daughter, who informed me today, that now that I’ve started blogging, I’m not to stop. In fact, I have to write a blog once a week. Excuse me? Has she met me? The fact that I’ve managed 4, count them, 4 blogs in the  month of December, notwithstanding, my blogs are usually a year apart. But she has informed me she’s not going to give me a chance to fail. She will be creating 52 individual slips of folded paper, each with a word or phrase that will inspire me to blog. I dont’ have to blog solely about that topic, but must incorporate the topic into the blog. Now, I must warn you, these topics could be odd…she does like to challenge her mother, and I do like to rise to those challenges.

So, I have my husband who makes sure I am prepared and have everything I need, in working order, to succeed, my daughter who challenges me, my son who keeps me breathing, my cheerleaders, my urgers…my task masters, how can I fail? So my 2014 resolution? Not to let any of them down.

I wish each and every one of you enough of everything you need in the coming bleached white new year, most of all, safety, love, happiness and good health.

Happy New Year!