Muse in Progress

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I have never been able to work on just one thing at a time. I stitch and watch tv. I take sweaters-in-progress to the movies.  To imagine that I only work on one book at a time…well, that’s just ludicrous.  Though these are in no particular order~~~I never know what I’m going to concentrate on next~~~ I thought I’d invite you to take a sneak peek of the MANY books I have in the works in hopes that you’ll find something to look forward to….



~~~SECRET INGREDIENTS~~~  (coming May 29, 2014 from Blush)

Kyrie and Brody have survived the worst kind of loss two people can face, but their marriage did not. Estranged for years they live two separate lives, but neither ever filed for divorce. Kyrie’s family feels she’s floundering, so her grandfather mortgages the family restaurant and enters her into a prestigious cooking competition, figuring this might just be the push she needs to start living again. Kyrie, however, disagrees. She’s convinced it’s the last thing she wants or needs until she learns she’s partnered with Brody snatches that honor. While winning this influential competition means the dream job of a lifetime, at the same time,  a longtime contract with the man she’s never stopped loving when they’ve already proven how poorly they handle long-term commitment might just end them altogether.

Brody’s motives in entering the contest have little to do with winning the Four Corners Culinary Rivalry and more with garnering a chance for his troubled boys to get a culinary education. When he achieves that even before the contest starts, on a lark he decides to stay and compete. And then he discovers his wife is not only there, but they are partners in the competition. Suddenly, winning is everything.  




Protecting her six children and her wheelchair-bound grandmother is the core around which Lily Cabot’s life revolves. She will endure whatever tortures her abusive and estranged husband doles out in order to keep them safe.
Enter the kids’ enigmatic music teacher, Alex Anderson, who wants to be a part of Lily’s life, and of the children’s lives. He longs to protect them, and take away their pain and fear; but Alex has a secret that could unravel the gossamer thread that binds them. It’s time all their illusions were ripped away.



Lisa Keller is perfectly happy with her life…well, maybe happy is too strong a word. Maybe “content wtih her lot in life” would describe it better. Divorced from a childish and selfish man, she’s taken over and rebuilt the farm that’s been in her family for generations and is finally making a go at it. But within a matter of days two things enter her life that separately would shake her confidence, but together knocks her off right off her foundations: a letter stating that her father’s illegitimate child is suing her for the farm, and the arrival of her brother’s best friend.



When Kate discovers her husband’s affair on their twentieth wedding anniversary, she takes steps to quickly rid herself of the man. Taking her children and the money her parents left her, she does what she’s always wanted to do. When she buys the farm of her dreams, she and her children are surprised to learn it comes complete with a live-on-site handyman…a handyman with an age-old secret.



Sometimes necessity develops into the biggest dreams and the happiest of endings…


Rain Marcus is a gifted seamstress. She’s worked for Petra~~as in Gowns by Petra~~~ for more years than she cares to dwell on. After losing her job for offering to alter a dress to fit a customer’s need, she discovers Petra duplicity. Unable to bring herself to outright betray her former employer, she can’t allow her to defraud anyone, so she drops a little hint to the customer’s brother. Little does she know, not only will this decision be the start of a lucrative business venture for her and her best friends, but bring her love…something she always thought was for everyone else, but not for her.


Cassidy Yates has a job. She runs her parents’ travel agency. It’s not her dream job, but she stopped believing in dreams a long time ago. When her friend, Rain suggests they, along with their other two best friends, start a one-stop-shopping bridal service, she figures, “why not?” But when her ex-husband returns to town asking for a second chance, can Cass put aside the heartbreak she’s been carrying around with her for years and say, “why not?”


Why can’t life be the smooth sailing they always talk about in the movies? Amy Davidson has enough on her plate with opening her own bakery in the Bridal Divas complex and dealing with her mother’s eccentricities. She refuses to call it what it is, onset alzheimers. What she doesn’t need is a cocky, Scottsman in a bowler hat stepping in trying to “help.” But that’s just the “gift” her mother’s given her when she hires him and leases the apartment over Amy’s garage to him…using ironclad contracts drawn up by the best new lawyer in town–Cassidy’s ex.


Nina Bradshaw is happy. As happy as she can be living with her mother and raising her daughter by herself since her husband’s death in the Gulf War. She has her new flower shoppe. She’s fine…until Blake Duncan sweeps into town with odd funeral arrangement request—a jockstrap made out of daisies??—and a glance at what her life could be if only she’d believe in happily ever afters.



When Hannah’s parents are killed in an airplane crash the night she gets engaged, she is devastated. When she learns that it was murder, she’s whisked into witness protection on the off chance she knows more than she can remember. Now, five years and hundred’s of miles later, she has transformed herself into Sarah, living for no other reason than to give four-year-old son Tucker, named after the father he can never know, the best life she possibly can. What she doesn’t know is that Tucker’s father never stopped looking for the fiance’ who disappeared so mysteriously. Imagine Sarah’s surprise when she discovers Little Tucker having an animated conversation with the new luxury mall’s architect…his father.















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