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The Writing Process Blog Hop

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At the end I’ll be tagging a few other authors, so please do follow those links to their blogs and interviews.


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Now on with the hop!


What am I currently working on?

Oh so many things! LOL I never work on just one story at a time–in fact, I’ve got about ten WIP (works in progress) going on right now.  At present, though, I guess you could say I’m spending more time on a new 4-part series called Bridal Divas!


What makes my writing distinctive?

I tend to be a little irreverent. I find humor in the ridiculous, the abstract and things normal people find “everyday”. I completely believe in romance and the Happily Ever After, but I can’t stand taking things at face value, so my stories have a little bit of the “prove it” in them.


Why do I write what I write?

Ah, that’s an easy one. I live romance every day. I met my husband almost 34 years ago and married him three years later. Eight and ten years later we had our two incredible children, who’ve kept us constantly surprised and guessing ever since. I completely believe in enduring romance, but at the same time, I know that Happily Ever After is a daily thing–“We lived happily ever after yesterday, what’s today going to be like?”  I KNOW what being in love is, what it feels like, how it keeps you sane when you’re going through the worst things you can ever imagine having to survive. It’s strength and laughter, but it’s weakness and tears too, yet it doesn’t break. Being in love with my husband AND my two children, how could I not add romance to whatever I write?


How does the writing process work?

I never considered myself OCD in any way until my daughter accused me of being anal. This was a severe shock coming from her–she meticulously folds grocery bags and organizes my kitchen cabinets weekly. Do you hear me complaining? No. Will you? Never. I thrive in clutter. I can easily live in a house with dust…the needs-to-be-brushed-away kind, as well as my son, Dusty–and be happy with a super clean session once a month. I suppose that comes from growing up with a mother who not raised six kids in a house that looked like no one ever lived there. I live by the motto “she who dies with the most unfinished needlework projects, wins.” So, I’m not in the least anal…

…until it comes to my writing. When I begin a new story, I start with a couple of spiral notebooks, a stack of post it notes and a clean desk. That’s the last moment the desk is clean. By the time I type the first word onto the screen, I have a detailed description of all my characters, including casting photos and a history. Then I plot. Loosely on some scenes, more detail with others. I CANNOT write by the seat of my pants. If the plot veers a little bit, that’s fine, but just sitting down and not knowing where the story is going and letting it unfold as I go…mercy! I’d be all over the place. I look at it like this: I wouldn’t get in my car and drive from Georgia to Oregon without a map. If I see something along the way I’d like to see, I’ll stop, but I have to know the route I’m taking so I can get back on the right road to get where I’m going. Same with my stories.

What next?

LOL. I fix dinner. Himself will be home in an hour. Finish the laundry. Finish reading the last book of the Mortal Instruments series before Saturday. And in the moments in between being a wife and a mama, I work on one of my many stories. I lost my contracts on the other two books I had set for release because my publishing company decided to revamp their mainstream romance department and turn it into a place where old, out-of-print titles by well established authors have a place to retire, so next on my list is to look for a new publisher.

And the journey continues…


And now I’d like to tag the following authors. Please visit their blogs to read about their writing processes and please check back here as I will be adding authors over the next week or so.



Sharron Riddle Houdek





So, Let’s Talk About Reality…or…a day in the life of a klutz.

A mom’s reality. A wife’s reality. A writer’s reality. MY current reality…

For any mother who tells herself that if she quits her outside job, she’ll have more time–or when the kids get into school, she’ll have more time–or when they hit high school, she’ll have more time–or college will mean more time—I dedicate this to you.

In my case, it was, “when Courtney’s semester from hell is over, I’ll have more time for promo and plenty of time to get ready for the 4th of July celebration.” Yeah, right. First I spent three weeks down with severe bronchitis. Then we painted. And painted. And PAINTED. That’s done. The rest of the house that wasn’t going to need much cleaning until the rooms being painted threw up were suddenly a disaster. I’m talking no-surprise-if-we-discovered-a-body-under-the-rubble disaster. By the time I’m done at the end of each day, I’m lucky if I make it to the bed before I fall asleep, so promo has been sparse.

So now, we’re three days away. The house is looking great and we’re down to two major jobs which have to be done tomorrow..the den and the furballs’ room that we jokingly refer to as the laundry room. Shopping is done. Meat ordered. General running on Thursday and a quick and general clean Friday morning and we’re ready.  And what do I go and do? Twist my already bum knee.

So, I’m hobbling through the last of the jobs with the help of my amazing children.  It’ll be the first year we don’t have fireworks since I started hosting this family event, and I’ll probably greet the 30+ guests on crutches but I’m determined to enjoy it!

And after I clean up and sleep all the rest of the day on Saturday, I’ll enjoy the short visit of one of my best friends on Sunday, then I’ll have more time to get back to work doing promo on Monday.

I should have one-and-a-half free months before classes start back that I can devote to promo and edits.

Just think…only one hundred seventy six days until Christmas!

Enjoy the soup!