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Put a little sizzle in the kitchen…

Hi all!

Since SECRET INGREDIENT was released a week ago, we’ve been…painting. Painting the living room, my husband’s office and my bedroom. What will I be doing next week? Painting the master bathroom. I keep checking Mark’s neck for pod marks, then  I remember Memorial Weekend 2 years ago, he decieded to spend it remodeling my kitchen, and the year before that, we remodeled the den, and the year before that, the main bathroom. It must be something about actually having a 3 day weekend and not having to go to work.  Hmmm…. no other rooms left to remodel…maybe he’ll decide to do the floors next May.

I have to admit one and 3/4 rooms down and it’s lovely. The last time we painted, we chose a dark beige textured paint for the livingroom and a trim color that can only be described as dark cooked pinto bean. It looked much better than it sounds. This time, we chose a flat darker beige and a true brown. Much better…and the walls look like suede.

HE chose this “bordeaux” for the bedroom. Dark wine at night or stormy days, dark raspberry(!!) in sunlight. Oh and warm mauve and pink trim and cabinets in the bathroom. (!!!) Still looking for the pod…

I finally have a few minutes to myself, (he’s napping in the chair since we ran errands for 4 hours this morning), it’s 85* outside, so I thought on behalf of SECRET INGREDIENT, I’d share with you the recipe for my favorite summer drink. It’s dirt cheap so you can make and drink it by the gallons. You don’t have to worry about calories, sugar.

So, grab your sweetheart and put him to work slicing, and put a little sizzle in your kitchen while you’re taking it out of the summer heat. As usual, I wish you enough to make soup…or…a nice pitcher of…


1/2  apple–tart or sweet–cored, peeled and sliced thin

1/2  orange–sliced

1/2  cucumber peeled and sliced

1/2  peach peeled, pitted and diced

6  large strawberries sliced

8  blackberries cut in half

Sugared(or artificial sweetened)basil or mint leaves for garnish (optional)

In a gallon pitcher, add all the fruit and fill with cold water, stir vigoursly(…the blackberries, strawberries and peaches will disentergrate a little…it’s okay, they’re supposed to, so if you don’t want “pulp”, use a strainer when you pour it into your glass.)

Refridgerate for at least an hour, stirring every fifteen minutes or so. Pour over ice and enjoy!

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