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Slacker me…

Bad Sher! Bad, bad Sher.
It’s January 2013. Not even the beginning of January 2013, but the 19th of January 2013. My last post was January 22, 2012. Good grief! Where did the year go? I look back to see if maybe I wrote some blog entries and just didn’t post them…and I find two–one in April, one in June. Titles only: Freedon’s coming, and Surprise! Nothing else. No idea what I had planned, what stopped me from going farther than the title, what the surprise was or why when I went to announce my surprise, I didn’t remember what was going to free me. I don’t recall a surprise in June, but it must’ve kept me busy. Could be my new kitchen compliments of my husband’s Memorial Day weekend wild hair project. (It’s beautiful, btw.)

Was it a particularly bad year? Can’t say it was any worse than others. I didn’t have another stroke. I’m feeling stronger. So that’s good. My daughter is moving forward and working to conquer her medical conditions, and smiles more than she frowns. That’s good, too. My son is still composing music, flipping more than he walks, is working two full time jobs, going to college full time,  and has made it to his Sophomore year. Of course, his car is dead…again…but that happened right after the first of 2013. It followed suit with the dead car of 2011, and the dead car of 2012. My husband is healthy, and his mother is surviving a serious heart condition. His siblings are doing well. My siblings are doing well, as are my parents– who, in all actuality, are healthier than any of their children. Nieces and nephews are giving us grand nieces and nephews and the last two holidays were loud, fun and drama-free…for a change. ;-D So all in all, it’s been a fairly decent year, and I thank God for all of it.

So, why have I not blogged. I could reiterate from my first post how I hate blogging, but that would be a cop out. Put simply, I have been doing other things, and simply forgot. I have been beading, sewing, knitting, crocheting and yes…wait for it…writing. A lot.

I have finished one book, am within few short chapters of finishing a second, and have started four more. Yes, four more. So while I’ve been slack at blogging, I haven’t been completely lazy. Tomorrow I submit that first book. This will be the first time I have subbed since my last publisher closed. Am I nervous? A little, but not as nervous as I thought I would be, so I guess that’s good.

So, now that I discover that I’ve gone a whole year without blogging, am I going to sit here and promise to blog every day this year? Nope. Every week? Probably not. Every month? Okay, I will promise to blog every month. Further, I will promise to try to blog more often than once every month. I can’t promise it’ll be an earth shattering topic– it might simply be a “sit down and visit” blog.

Or it could be a rant about lost socks.

Or my daughter’s cat who is convinced he’s a long, lost Wallenda.

Or my new baby trees.


Either way…see you soon

Be well,