Life is good…

It is a perfect Tuesday afternoon in Autumn. This is the first time I’ve had the chance to post anything at all since the middle of August, and for that, I apologize. I’ll offer no excuses, but I will share some of the reasons…

You know about the sudden death of our AC unit. We didn’t bury it as we normally would a beloved family member, but we are considering having it stuffed. We survived the last months of scorching, humid Georgia summer…98*+ heat OUTSIDE… 110* heat inside with box fans in all the windows and ceiling fans in nearly every room sweating along with us as they turned at break-neck speeds.  And now, in the last two weeks, we’ve had both, rain and cooler temps. We can breathe again.  And the power bill has dropped $200.  Life is good..

Dusty got a job and he and his daddy rebuilt the cooling system in the old Escort got it running well and reliable. He and Courtney started their respective college classes of the Fall Semester and have settled in nicely, Dusty being primary transportation for them both. Both love their classes. Dusty recieved three band scholarships, and Courtney’s up for her second Art scholarship. Both have picked up two…count them…two additional majors. We’ve reached midterm and so far, they’ve aced their tests. One less thing to worry about. 

I’ve actually had a little time to work on the rewrites for my next novel and been able to work on it with a cool body and a clear head. Life is good…

Then it rained. For three solid days it rained. Lovely as it was, need it as badly as we did, it was, for us, not a good thing. After so long a time without rain, there are many slick road related accidents. Dusty was one of them. Luckily for him and the lady who had to slam on her brakes because of the driver in front of her slammed on his, both she and Dusty are injury-free.  Damage to her car, a gynormous late model Impala, was minimal. Not so for the faithful little old Ford.  He will most assuredly be totaled. Now, we could have spent the last week in insurance Hell, but luckily, our agent is a good one, and has calmed my nerves, Dusty’s fears and frustrations and has been unwaveringly patient with all our questions and problems. So, now we wait with the knowledge that Dusty will get another car, and he will be more careful in the future. And equally important, he will have learned that ANYBODY can have an accident. That’s why they call them accidents, otherwise, they’d call them “on purposes.” It’s taken me a week to get that through his head.  I am back to being the taxi driver. They pay for all the gas, and I’m  paid with kisses and hugs, and I’m good with that.  However, it’s not easy to convince an eighteen year old …oh God, I’m not readyto call him a man, yet, even though he clearly is, so I will say, it’s not been easy to convince my eighteen year old son… ;-)… that it’s not the end of the world when he makes a mistake. He’s alive and unhurt. The other driver is alive and unhurt. While we all loved that car, it’s just a thing.

Like the AC

So tonight and tomorrow, we expect more rain. Dusty has a concert tonight, the second of two.  And tomorrow our temperature will drop thirty degrees. We have firewood, new blankets, and new space heaters that look like ocillating fans (??), though I don’t expect we’ll really need them for a good month or more.

I have the makings for soup for the end of the week, my story on a jump drive and a charged laptop for days I have to wait in the car for the next shift change. Fall is here. Winter is coming.

Life is good…

I’ll try not to wait another two months to post next time…

Be well and at peace…




2 thoughts on “Life is good…

  1. Sher,
    As always, I just love your posts! Happy to hear Dusty is well and uninjured from his accident. So sorry about your AC…you all need medals for enduring that horrendous heat! Phew. I too have been very lax with posting to my blog, but I don’t have good reasons like you do! Know you’re always in my thoughts and prayers my friend! Love and hugs, Nancy

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